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Post  hustle trees on Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:48 am

Name: taylor
Gaming Tag:360!HustleTreez, (used to use TooLFooL)
Years in COD4: 6
X-fire: xxxtoolfoolxxx here is a direct link to my profile
Were you referred by a NRU member?: no
Weapon of choice: ak-47
Location: seattle, wa
Time you usually play: anytime i have free time, which is alot

This may sound bad but I know that people around here may think I cheat. I do not. I have been in clans before, i.e. Game Over from 1.6, and Guardians of Time in 1.7, as well as a couple promod ones in the past. I have been playing for many years in cod4, as well as counterstrike. I have been admin for all clans ive been in, and have caught many hackers as well as ner-do-wells. i strongly believe in fair, competitive gameplay, as well as a user friendly gaming environment.
I also have a video that i made a couple years ago, as crappy as it may be, but maybe it will diffuse the notion.

anyways. ok thought i would just give it a shot. i really enjoy playing in your server, and would love to be part of the community.

best regards,


hustle trees
hustle trees

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