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List of active members

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List of active members

Post  AmerikanPsyko on Sat May 04, 2013 8:13 pm

Our official member list, up to date as of 5/4/2013:


Main Admins:
Tocahoops (Big thanks for the donation, we really appreciate it Toca, will help keep the server alive!)
Scorpion (Thanks for being a great admin. We appreciate you keeping the server clean!)
Pyrex ( Thank you for the donation, and being a great admin! )
Poolboy (You're such a great addition. Love the comic factor you bring to our server!)

Moderators [Officers]:
Agent47 (Thanks for the donation, we really appreciate it Agent47, will help keep the server alive!)
ChiefKeef (You've been with us since the beginning man, thanks for sticking with us!)
Pengu<3 ( Thank's for all the great info, and videos! )



Hey guys. So below is the list of commands that all level b3 admins are able to use. Once again, don't abuse admin like PsyKo! and kick people because you're raging. (lol). We check the logs to see what admins are doing every day, so be kind to b3, and we will be kind to you. =]

Levels 0
register - register youself as a basic user
help (h) [] - get info on how to use a command, you can use * for partial matches

Levels 1
regtest - display your current user status
time - display the servers current time

Levels 2
maps - list the server's map rotation
nextmap - display the next map in rotation
seen - when was this player last seen?

Levels 20
admins - lists all the online admins
b3 - say b3's version info
greeting [] - set or list your greeting
list - list all connected players
say - say a message to all players
spam (s) - spam a predefined message
spams - list spam messages
warn (w) [] - warn user
warninfo (wi) - display how many warning points a user has
warnremove (wr) - remove a users last warning
warns - list warnings
warntest (wt) - test a warning

Levels 40
admintest - display your current user status
aliases (alias) - list a players aliases
baninfo (bi) - display how many bans a user has
find - test to find a connected player
kick (k) [] - kick a player
leveltest (lt) [] - display a user's status
scream - yell a message to all player
tempban (tb) [] - temporarily ban a player

Levels 60
ban (b) [] - ban a player
spank (sp) [] - spank a player, naughty boy!
unban - un-ban a player

Levels 80
clear [] - clear all tk points and warnings
lookup (l) - lookup a player in the database
makereg (mr) - make a name a regular
map - switch current map
restart - restart b3
warnclear (wc) - clear all of a users warnings

Levels 90
clientinfo - get info about a client
cmdlevel - set a commands level
delgroup - remove a group and remove all clients from the group
editgroup <-n|-k|-l> - change a group's settings
groups - lists all the player's groups
newgroup - create a new group
pause - pause the bot from parsing
putgroup - add a client to a group
rebuild - sync up connected players
ungroup - remove a client from a group

Levels 100
die - shutdown b3
disable - disable a plugin
enable - enable a disabled plugin
reconfig - re-load all configs

Any questions, please contact D!rtywet, or PsyKo!
And again, thanks to our admins for keeping our server clean!!!

Tag instructions:

Whether you're an admin, moderator, or recruit, please follow our tag instructions for usage while in our server:

O. "player name"

A. "player name"

R. "player name"

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to contact D!rty, or myself anytime! And thanks for making us a close knit clan of friends, and gamers alike!


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