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ban me really??? *slightly rage*

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ban me really??? *slightly rage* Empty ban me really??? *slightly rage*

Post  Scootaloo on Fri May 10, 2013 12:46 am

well, I do no hacks and stuff, then I got kicked, then I realise that I got banned
I use another cd-key to join the server again in order to ask why I was banned
all my levels and stuff were lost after the cd-key change
and psyko insist I use wh while I use no hacks playing multiplayer games
this is a mock of my personality, I will never use hacks in multiplayer games

thought I have found a good place to play some cod4 search and destroy
think I won't even play this game anymore
at least in your server
like I will have to unlock my m14 again
and psyko you said you got a demo of me using hacks
for this, I think you should review that demo, so that you will find that I'm not freakin' cheating
it's good for admins to ban cheaters, but it's really retarded to accuse a normal player using cheats then ban him
*still looking for applebloom, if you see this, can you pm me?*
and if anyone wanna play some tf2, l4d2 or gta4 multiplayer, add my steam here, really, I never cheat
you can also add me if you like ponies Very Happy


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ban me really??? *slightly rage* Empty Re: ban me really??? *slightly rage*

Post  D!RTY on Fri May 10, 2013 3:47 am

Wrong section pal....

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