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COD4 FPS Explained

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COD4 FPS Explained

Post on Fri May 10, 2013 9:40 am

Found this gem on the TEK9 boards, can't take credit for it. Where do you cap your FPS? I toggle between 125/250/333, but use 250 most often.

Jump heights:
125 FPS - 40.5 height units
250 FPS - 41.5 height units
333 FPS - 46 height units

Falling Damage
333 fps = take less damage from falling compared to 250fps
250fps = take less damage from falling compared to 125fps


When falling from a building that is 300units in height
when using 125 fps you will take 91 dmg
when using 250 fps you will take 88 dmg
when using 333fps you will take 72 dmg

test it yourself - jump off glitchroof on crash to an exact spot with 125 & 250fps and see the difference

Silent Moving

333fps = move for 264 milliseconds silently (also move left+right silently)
250fps = move for 186 milliseconds silently
125fps = move for 84 milliseconds silently

333fps = move for over 9000 millisceonds silently
250fps = move for 210 milliseconds silently
125fps = move for 91 milliseconds silently

Other info
125fps = jump further than 250
250fps = shoot very very slightly faster than 125fps (Or not, never was tested properly)
200fps = better reg due to the way packets are sent
500fps + 1000fps are bugged values, they do not work as expected

If you want to see how far you can strafe, download mp_codjumper_training from
318units is the current record (with 125fps - no rpg)

Fps toggle bind: /bind 1 toggle com_maxfps 125 250

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