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Wrongfully banned.

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Wrongfully banned.

Post  The Almighty Cock Sucker on Sun May 12, 2013 3:11 am

I've been banned for a week by NRU O.Psyko without proof he claims I wallhack when I had uav at least 3 teams during the match, it occurred right after he stunned me and I prone behind a car then killed him, seems he just a little mad to me. I wasn't even sound whoring, can't imagine what he'd do if I played serious.

Was playing under the name I SUCK DICKS (because I do)

If there is any justice in your clan please unban and feel free to spec me ANY TIME Smile been playing CoD4 since it came out, not my fault if I'm decent. Maybe admins with anger issues shouldn't have admin? Thank you for reviewing my topic, good day.. until the ban is lifted I'll be in other servers.

edit; should probably put what server this was in, normal S&D Noobzrus[CRKD]

The Almighty Cock Sucker

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Re: Wrongfully banned.

Post  paper on Sun May 12, 2013 11:16 am

you guys always gotta put some smart ass comment about the admin who banned you.. just simply asking to be unbanned and stating the reason is enough, you cock sucker.

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