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Excuse - banned

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Excuse - banned

Post  Excuse90 on Mon May 20, 2013 3:34 pm

In-Game Name: [Excuse]
Day/time banned: Few days ago not real sure
Any warnings prior: No

Not sure what admin/admins banned me but everyone of them said they had no doubt that i was walling, so i guess this will be hard to get unbanned but i hope you recorded and we could go over this, i am in no shape or form hacking or have in the past. I have played this game off and on since release day, so it would only be normal if i was pretty good and could cause suspicion i guess, i know a few people that play your server that ive played with for quite some time now and could vouch for me, nod-ice and nod-base. Hope you consider unbanning me i did enjoy playing your server.


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