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Perma banned for "hacking"

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Perma banned for "hacking" Empty Perma banned for "hacking"

Post  BagelSpanker on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:45 am

At around 5am this morning I joined the NRU server like I always do to play some S&D. The map was just changing to Killhouse and I was excited to get some practice in before a game of Search. I decided to use the M16 and got a few kills with it across kill house, which you all know, is a relatively small map. After taking the lead I got an airstrike and died. I called in the airstrike and it got 3 kills and I later got 2 more kills for another airstrike. After this I was swiftly called a hacker for "shooting through walls and hitting people across the map" Might I remind you this was killhouse. People would look at me then try to prone to hide so I would shoot them through cover, it's not a hard idea to comprehend for most. I figured I would just ignore these complaints as many people get frustrated when someone beats them in a match (I have 8 years of competitive FPS experience ranging from Counter Strike to Battlefield to CoD, so over time I have become good at this genre, and I also know it can be very frustrating).

The next game however was idiotic, I decide to use my M16 again as we were on distract, and it allows me to pick off people in the first 20 seconds to make the round easier. I get a kill on the person accusing me of hacking (no need to name names), and he promptly claims more hacks because "I turn and lock right on him" not even considering the fact that this is about a 10ft. distance between us and the M16 has an extremely accurate hip fire pattern. In the later rounds my performance starts to fall of because I'm busy arguing with this man, and like every false accuser who screams "WITCH!" at every chance they get, he claims I "turned off my hacks". It's this arrogance that people think someone can't do good or else they are hacking, and if they stop doing good they turned them off, that creates bad environments for competitive players like myself. I have had similar experiences in BF3 as well as CS, but none have had someone as arrogant as the person I encountered today.

I was IP banned permanently from the NRU server for something I didn't do; because innocent until proven guilty isn't a right respected by specific people on your server. There was no evidence that I was hacking, the only reason I was banned was because I killed someone a couple of times and they had the ability to ban. It was an act of extreme immaturity and little self respect. I thoroughly enjoyed many playing on the NRU server and made a couple of friends their that enjoyed my sense of humour, unfortunately you will not hear it again because of this indecent.

If any of you would like to contact me my Steam account is: spankin_dabagel

~To the gentleman who banned me: Next time you get shot a couple of times, think before you act and at least spectate the person who killed you for a couple of rounds. Grow up and step up your game, you don't get better by kicking players who provide a challenge.


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Perma banned for "hacking" Empty Re: Perma banned for "hacking"

Post  Scorpion on Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:09 am

wrong forum,you need to write this in BAN APAELS Smile

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Perma banned for "hacking" Empty Re: Perma banned for "hacking"

Post  poolboy on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:06 pm

Your chances of being unbanned would be dramatically increased if you posted in the right forum, posted a correct form, posted less content and refrained from insulting admins that were and were not involved.

I don't see NRU in your future, bro.

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Perma banned for "hacking" Empty Re: Perma banned for "hacking"

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