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C0D4 Obscurity

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C0D4 Obscurity Empty C0D4 Obscurity

Post on Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:52 pm -Obscure Creations was formed by Falcar and Snakelet after the success of Obscuritymod, a Call of Duty 4 total conversion modification. All credit to Falc and Snakelet.

Since you guys seem to enjoy hide & seek on SND, I figured I'd tell ya about an awesome COD4 mod (personal favorite) that incorporates stealth gameplay and faced paced action.  It uses a bullet/knife hit locator (HitLoc) that distributes damage, blood, and gore depending on the body part hit (i.e falling off a building will cripple your legs, getting sliced in the throat will make you choke & spray blood, 

Basically one team is defence (survivors) and one is offence (the obscurity).  There is an 8:1 ratio of survivors:obscurity as the obs are designed to be more powerful.  If you die as obscurity (or let the clock run) you will respawn as a survivor.

The Survivors- The survivors are humans and can create kits using the regular cod4 guns and some added perks (lasers, fast running, double jump, explosives expert, incendiary weapons, enhanced NVG, etc.).  They must work together to defeat the obscurity onslaught.  If you don't have good ears & eyes you will quickly get frustrated.

The Obscurity-  The obscurity are a predator-like alien that can only knife, jump farther, stick to walls, emit a static noise when moving, and wear a semi-visible translucent camouflage (similar to the predator movie). They can either wield a gun that has different firing modes to distract/move survivors (light orbs, fake static/obscurity hallucinations, push & pull, teleport, stun, tornado, etc.) their hands (which allows you to possess survivors through walls & phase through walls for quick escapes) or a USP45 that shoots tracking rounds that do no damage.  They also have a variety of stances that you can switch depending on your playstyle & skill level.  Each of these stances offer a passive ability (like silent falling, less bullet damage, 'stalk' marines to steal their guns, auto possess, etc.) and a 'stance special' button that grants a special ability depending on the stance selected.

The most active server is IceOps (hosted in Ger) and I get a ~110ms ping from PA, US.   During peak hours the game has a full 18 players, and usually about 5 are really good.  They run PunkBunkster, PBSS live viewer, and .iwd file checks so the hackers are at a minimum.

 tl;dr - Watch the video(s) below.  First one is some more advanced obscurity kills, and the second is raw gameplay from Ambush.  It gets EXTREMELY competitive, and I'm a rookie compared to the IceOps regulars.  Once you get the hang of it, vanilla COD4 seems pretty lame.

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C0D4 Obscurity Empty Re: C0D4 Obscurity

Post  Vineyard' on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:40 am

Seems really awesome :O
Thanks Very Happy 

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