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Post  OXYMORON on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:34 pm

This guide will cover how to handle nearly every situation you may face in the game. I will give several options, ones for solo players of each class type, and team tactics (though for the sake of my sanity i am assuming there will only be two people near enough to you to help) It will be divided into several categories:

General infantry combat (the stuff that WILL happen to you, almost every game. The basics)


Air support

n00b tactics

Organized team tactics . An organized team is impossible to counter solo, deal with it)

And finally... a section on things to think about when playing that most people dont that has a real world affect on how your opponents play

Inside those sections i will say how each class type can counter it (i.e. what to do if ghost, assault, sniper, heavy gunner etc.)

Section 1: General Infantry Combat

Part 1: Grenades

Notes: This part of section one will not discuss different weapon type set ups or perk set ups, as grenades are grenades no matter what gun you are using. The exception is smoke grenades. Also, this will not cover any team tactics.

Lone Frags: The best way to counter frag grenades is simply to sprint in the OPPOSITE direction of the arrow next to the grenade indicator. I know this is common sense, but this is a guide to every combat situation i can think of. Also, if it lands on you, it sometimes helps to sprint and then belly flop. The belly flop is when you sprint jump then at the top of your jump hold crouch. If you were smart enough to head towards cover, like i hope you are, then you are now a small target, far from a grenade, ready to fire.

Multiple frags: This one is more tricky. If one lands on each side of you, turn and sprint away from both. If one lands at your feet (you are given the option to toss it back), run away from the other one as you WILL get away from the one on your feet 90% f the time no matter which way you run.

Flashbangs: Flashbangs in Call Of Duty 4 were designed to do one thing, make you panic. After all, when you get flashed what do you usually do? Fire wildly praying to keep your attacker away. You know what else happens? You almost always die. When flashbanged do NOT start firing blindly. Go prone, look at the floor, and tap switch weapon over and over. They MAY mistake you for a corpse. This trick should only be used if A: You have more allies around u or B: The enemy has not had visual confirmation you are in the room or C: They have allies near them firing in your general direction, he may believe one of them nabbed a kill. The other options are: You can counter nade, they flash you, you flash them. Now they are blinded and it will ware off a little after yours does. Once you have the flash/stun out, go prone and fire in bursts. If you have smoke, then toss a frag down UNCOOKED and turn to run. The enemy WILL assume it is cooked and WILL NOT pursue you. If you have no flash/stun, and your dry on frags, then at least go prone and fire to make yourself a smaller, less expected target, and keep some bullets on em. The main problem with flashbangs is that they deafen you, and you can't see your radar. You can't see how many of them there are, or where. And you can't here if they are firing. This makes them hard to counter. The previous are the best strategies i have found for countering flashbangs. I have an 80% survival rate against flash and clear attacks.

Stun grenades: Stun grenades do not cause the same panic that flashbangs do, HOWEVER, they slow you down. You can not sprint, hell you can barely walk, when stunned, and it gives the enemy confirmation of your presence. Also, a stun works from any angle, flashbangs visual effect has to be in front of you to work. So there are the negatives of being stunned rather than flashed. Now here are the positives: You can SEE! Yes when stunned you can still see, slightly hampered, but still. This means if the enemy is in front of you can try to line up a shot. Here are my counter stun strategies: You can try the corpse trick described in the flashbang section, but this will ONLY work if there are allies closeby that also are stunned, simply because otherwise he will have that conformation from the tick when the stun went off, and no you are doing the corpse trick. This means he gets an easy few seconds to line up a head shot. Now, you can just go prone and fire in bursts, if he is in front of you. You can start cooking a grenade if you know you are dead, so when you die the grenade will drop and hopefull avenge you. You can toss a frag down where you think he will come from and pray it will keep him at bay, remember not to cook it so you get that six second wall. You can try and line up a shot if in front of you, but this isn't recommended unless you have no other options. When near cover, i mean WAY near cover, try and run to it and hide, stuns wear off pretty fast and those few seconds behind cover may be all you need. Again, stuns are very hard to counter. These are the best strategies i have found, i have a 75% survivability rate aginst stuns. (This doesn't include stun frag tactics)

Stun frag tactics: You can just move away from the grenade. Thats about all really...stun frags are next to impossible to counter... sorry guys. But you could start cooking a grenade so they have a lil present after you die

Smoke grenades: Smoke grenades cause quite a dillema. Most commonly used in objective games, they can be used to disrupt snipers, cause distractions, etc. These cause quite a dillema.

If you have a sniper, and they use smoke to cover the area you were covering.: Move. Run. No joke. Chances are someone is already moving through some back alley after running acroos the street they just smoked and working their way up the stairs. Get the hell out RIGHT AWAY. i don't care if you have a clear shot lined up at somebody. You need to move, and use the QUICKEST route possible. If this means jumping out a window and taking some damage, fine, do it. As long as it doesn't get you killed it's a way out.

If you have a sniper and they use it to cover an objective in sight of you: Throw a frag, and take an occasional potshot at the objective DO NOT spam the objective with fire. If it's a distraction, then you could waste an entire clip trying to kill a nonexistent enemy.

If you have an LMG and they use a smoke to cover the area you have been watching: Spam it for a ew seconds, spray while you count to three. Not four, not two, but three. If you get a hit, try to track it till you get the kill. Once your count to three (as in 1 onethousand 2 one thousand 3 one thousand) Then get out. Get out of your camping spot and get ready, if you can find a corner, go prone in it and pre aim for an enemy to come into view until the smoke wears off, but have a plan in case a frag lands on how you will get out of where you are.

I made another thread 4 part 2


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