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Post  OXYMORON on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:36 pm

If you have an LMG and they use smoke to cover an objective, frag it and do the count to three count to four at the same pace. now do a spam count to two...then wait four, then spam for two. Keep this pattern up, dont dump all your ammo into the objective. IF you get a hit, make sure you get the kill, and up it to spam for three calm for three. to keep pressure on the objective. Just DO NOT continuously spam that thing. Your gun has the power to bring down a whole team if set up right, do NOT give them the satisfaction of making you waste a full clip.

If assault rifled and they use it to cover the currnet combat zone you are in: Fall back to a suitable cover position, prefferably only accessible by one way, three shot burst, count to two, three shot burst, count to two. If you get a hit, pur it on until they go down. Remember, you are accurate, NOT a spamming machine!
If assault rifled and they use it to cover an objective: Same as above. Get to a good cover spot, the burst fire it. If you hit somebody dont stop shooting them till they go down. Remember, count to two before you burst again.
If you are a spec ops (i.e. an SMG or stealth class) and they use it to cover an objective: If you have other peole near you let them take care of it. If your team thinks it might be a distraction, then go check it out. Let the big guns take care of obvious assaults. When checking the distractions, first special nade it (assuming you have stuns or flashbangs as spec ops should) If you use stun and somebody shows up, start to burst fire close to the explosion until you hit something, then spam that spot till they die. Tell your boys of the threat and get to cover in case of more hostiles but remember: You are not designed for a battle, you are designed as a stealthy guy to take out high value targets, or a s a cqb machine. Do not try and engage in a big battle, you WILL lose. Wait for reinforcements, then engage. Unless of course the objective is in a cqb situation,( like vacant or standoff) then try to hold them off as long as you can. Frag grenades are your friends here.

Explosives: If you use explosives, then only use one. i.e. fire on explosive into the smoke, not both RPGs. Use one C4 no tow....and use them near the objective

Part two: Different hostil situations
Fighting outnumbered:

For assault rifles: Get to a decent cover spot, this means something between u and the hostiles, and at least one side covered. An example is a dumpster up against a wall, the wall covers one side and the dumpster is between you and your enemies. Use your accuracy to drop them. Do not panic and spam the area, you don't have the kind of ammo or stopping capability for that. Use your cover, pick your shots, watch that flank. Use of frags and flash/ stun is recommended. If necessary... use a smoke and fall back toward your allies. If faced with more than three on your own, chances are you will die. Buyt doing this you will be able bring at lreast one down with you almost every time.

For SMG's: Lure them in close. Run into a building, and make them come to you, letting your close up abilities do the trick. To buy time getting to the building/ wherever you are trying to get them so you can cqb them, try using a stun grenade and running. Or a frag. they will assume you are trying to get away comletely, then you pop outta nowhere and ambush them. If you have c4... it could make for a very nasty surprise for your overconfident attackers.

For LMG's: I will tell you right now, you are the best suited to take on multiple opponents, IF you do it right. First of all, get them in the open, i mean, they can have cover spots, just make sure you aren't in a cqb situation. Once you accomplish this, get to a cover spot like the one described in the assault section. Now lay down a wall of bullets for just a second. Thats right, just a second. This will force them into cover, any stupid enough to stay in the open target first, and pump them full of led. Now the ones behind cover, the smart ones, will most likely be experienced. This means accurate, and able to throw grenades. Fire bursts about every half second to keep them down, if one pops out, pump him up. If more than one move at the same time, kill the ones nearest to you, then the ones farthest. Remember, if you keep them at mid range, you are a beast. Once they get too close, you're screwed, they get too far away, and they will have an easier time lining up shots than you will. If they get too far away, pursue. Fire in two shot bursts to help with long distance shots. And remember, already have a plan in case a nade comes in on the cover spot you will sprint to. You have the firepower to drop an entire team, you just need to line them up correctly.

As a sniper:

Team tactics:

Long range: Have an LMG supress as the sniper picks them off. an assault/spec ops should watch the flank. Other option is use assault men to engage, sniper pick off big boys (LMG'ers and other snipers) If ambushed by a sniper, get down, and call the nearest sniper on your team for help. Don't pop ur head up because if the sniper is even half decent, you will get a bullet in your skull.

Mid range: Assaults and LMG's work great here. Simply use cover and coordinated fire to wittle down numbers. Call out snipers if you see them (you can usually tell by the uniform unless they overkill a non sniper as the primary. If you see ANYONE perched up high staring at the battle, he is a sniper. Tell your team mates. Coordinate fire, leap frog, use grenades. Do NOT throw smoke without first talking it over with the team, quickly of course.
Close range: Assaults and SMG's work best here. Use the assaults to lure the enemy into an SMG ambush. One assault wounds an enemy in the group, lets him see him, then runs around the corner. Group follows and SMG's bloody waste them. Beautiful thing indeed. Also, luring them into a room packed with C4 aint a bad idea either. You could also flash or stun a room and storm it. Basically, if your an LMG, you need help. Assaults and SMG's will become your new 3coming up


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