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Post  OXYMORON on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:41 pm

Section Two: Snipers
This section will deal with how to deal with snipers. From hunting them down, to counter sniping them.

Part 1: How to counter a sniper
Assault rifles: EWhen countering a sniper with an Assault rifle. get in to mid close range. Stick to cover, and when you get there, go prone. Why? This will help the cover protect you against him if he is elevated. Make sure you pick thick cover though, if he saw you he may try to penetrate it. If he pins you down huck a frag into his window to scare him from his perch for a bit, then use the opportunity to preaim at the window so the second he moves you can put a burst in his skull. Works every time. Also smokes work very well as it blinds him for a good 12 seconds so you can get set up and pre aimed, just try to ladnd it in the wndow so that he cant see in the building and move around and stuff.

SMG's: Get down and stay down. Try to nade his position. Get INSIDE his building, or up close. Sprint from cover to cover and when you get there go prone. Once in the building do a standard building sweep, watch for those tell tale red beams... Do not try to engage from a range...unless of course you are an ACOG skorpion lol

Snipers: This is hard. If he gets the first shot off, get to cover ASAP because at best you have half a second before another one rings out. Now it turns into a duel of who's the better sniper really, remember bullet penetration though... it helps a ton...

Team tactics:
Tactic one: Use an LMG to suppress while the sniper pre aims. once pre aimed inform LMG to stop shooting, enemy sniper pokes his head out and your sniper splatters it on the wall. Very simple.

Tactic two: Have somebody throw a smoke nade in the perch, then fire into window while a ghost goes inside and takes him out.

Tactic three: Smoke the area the sniper is covering and send a couple guys around the side to flank him while whoever is left keeps him busy with an occassional burst to keep him from getting bored.

Hunting Snipers:

Everything besides snipers: Listen for the sound of a sniper, they are usually very loud. Now check your UAV for that tell talre lone dot. Move through back alleys and avoid enemy contact. Once at the perch, be extremely careful of claymores, watch for those tell tale red lines... DO NOT fire until you are close and have a clear hot, you don't want him to get away or get a bead on you. it will make your life much harder.

Snipers: Memorize the popular sniper spots on maps. Now, go into private matches, and figure out less popular spots that let you still see the popular spots. Once you know these, use them. Always try to get the first shot off because it throws off the scope just enough to chamber another round if bolt action. Try to hit them from the sides so you don't fall into their scopes.

Section 3: Air support.
UAV: do NOT hunt by UAV completely. Still check corners when you have it up. Why? Ghost players. I have seen many a person fall to a ghost because they thought all the enemies were at the mass of red dots. April fools, dumbass. hah.
Countering airstrikes: Run like crap from the bulk of your allies the second you see a red jet on ur UAV. But run towards something with a roof if you can. Airstrikes cant hurt you if you are under a solid roof, and will almost always be called on the bulk of your allies.
Chopper killing: There is a little trick i picked up a while back for shooting down choppers. Use an RPG to get it smoking, then less than 8 shots from just about anything should drop it. Its like a 4 shot AK kill. Also, you can n00b tube it until it smokes then pund it. The reason being the chopper cuts damage down until it hits a certain point (the point where it begins to smoke) then it takes full damage. Also if a whole team pounds it with AK's (six man team) it might take 10 seconds to bring one down. Maybe. Probably less though.


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dafuq did i just read?

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dafuq... i think you ended up in the wrong forum dude...
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You're cool.

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